Design Services



KRAUZEarchitects is an innovative architect firm that delivers first class architectural and design solutions.

Our projects originate from the deep respect to the laws and principles of fine arts and architecture. 

Our work is based on the western approach and experience in the field of architectural design. 

We create contemporary modern pieces with the timeless appeal.

Style and functionality are the key words in all of our designs. 

We strongly believe that design is in the details. Working on interior design, we create the foundation for comfortable and effortless living. 

Alexander Krauze – co-founder and partner at KRAUZEarchitects. A graduate from the world known Moscow Architectural State Academy (MARHI), Alexander is an architect in the third generation. He is a member of the "Union of Moscow Architects" and the nominee for the “Zolotoe Sechenie” Awards. 

Anna Krauze – co-founder and partner at KRAUZEarchitects. Anna is a graduate from Moscow Architectural State Academy (MARHI) and the leading architect in the field of design architecture.